All The Ways To Wear It: The Silk Scarf

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Our first blog series— Dedicated to bringing the fun back into dressing by re-inspiring your wardrobe.

In #AllTheWaysToWearIt we’re here to treat your fashion anxiety with a remedy of stylist tips, easy “rules” to dress by and #helenspiration from the pros leaving your getting ready time free of fret and open to creativity again.

Introducing the first piece by Helen the brand…



The Wear Any Way Scarf is the perfect outfit-topper to any look— just like a cherry on top. Like, you don’t need the cherry to top off your sundae, but how much better is life with it— i’ll wait… yeah we want that cherry too.

So now that you know what you want, give yourself that treat you deserve. Soon you’ll be waking up, wearing it in your hair, tieing it on your bag, around your wrist, around your neck, I mean basically you’ll become the Parisian girl of all your friends’ envy and forget what life was like without a silk scarf (or three) in your wardrobe.

The Wear Any Way Silk Scarf is available in an assortment of both authentic vintage finds and hand stitched pieces made of vintage fabrics. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes making each scarf one-of-a-kind and truly unique.

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Now that you’ve got your one-of-a-kind Wear Any Way Silk Scarf, how are you going to style it?


We gave you a few hints already but if you’re still in a panic, take a deep breath and keep reading because we’ve eliminated all potential doubts with this slideshow of #helenspiration from icons past and present wearing a scarf any way they want.


Now it’s your turn to be the sundae. Get your styling ‘spiration on and show us how you work your Wear Any Way Silk Scarf on social @helenthebrand #helenthebrand #helenspiration