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Who was Helen?

Helen was the most wonderful woman in the world. Not just to me— because she was my grandmother— but to anyone who ever knew her. This brand has been entirely inspired by her grace and wit and what she gave to all of us— Love.

Helen was born in Battle Creek, MI during the Great Depression to Milo and Maude Brooker. One of 9 children and later mother of 7, our Helen was a living angel from the start. She never knew life without care and kindness and along the way she made believers of every soul she encountered.

Her love for the arts, literature, history, and the home have been the grounds for what we’ve built with Helen the brand.


What is Helen the brand?

Helen the brand is a collection of specially curated, one-of-a-kind vintage clothing & accessories as well as newly designed, limited quantity hand-made pieces sewn exclusively from vintage materials. The brand represents all that Helen was— and with it she lives on. We hope you feel her warmth as you wear each piece.